Be careful what you wish for. Last post I mentioned my kids being gone for a week and a half and how I needed to keep myself busy so I wouldn’t be so sad without them. Well, I was busy indeed. Last Monday my mom was rushed to the hospital after having her first major seizure. My husband and I had just had a picnic dinner and hike at a nearby park when I told him, on a whim, that I wanted to stop by my parents house and see my mom. We got there at the exact same time as the first ambulance and fire truck. I had no idea at the time what was going on. My mom was on the couch, unresponsive, my dad was filling in the paramedics while holding some kind of cloth soaked in blood (I learned later this was from my mom biting her tongue during her seizure.) After many hours of waiting in the emergency room my mom was released and sent home. Basically we were told it was a result of her high blood pressure, that she needed to lose weight and take her meds.

I couldn’t sleep that night and the next morning I was at my parents house spending the day watching her sleep. She was exhausted and completely drugged up but I needed to be there, watching her, making sure she was really okay. Hours went by and after lunch time she actually seemed to be regaining her old self. She sat up and talked to my dad and I. She expressed concern that I hadn’t eaten anything and offered to make me a sandwich. I had my old mom back. While my dad sat with her I got up to use the bathroom and grab a banana to eat. When I walked back into the living room all hell broke loose. Out of nowhere my mom completely lost her vision and became very confused. She couldn’t tell me her name, she didn’t know who I was. The paramedics were there within minutes and she was taken back to the hospital. I had held it all in up to that point, watching my mom and dad both panic, wanting to cry and scream. My dad and I followed the ambulance to the emergency room where we met up with my brother and sister-in-law. I walked straight to the bathroom, locked myself in and cried. I stood, leaned up against the wall with my eyes closed for so long that by the time I opened my eyes I was almost unsure of where I was. I knew that if I lost my mom my whole world would be turned completely upside down. There would be a huge, gaping hole in my family that we would never be able to fill.

It was several hours before I was able to see her, but by then her vision had returned. She recognized me. Thank God. She was hospitalized for the rest of the week and finally released this weekend. The doctors diagnosed her with PRES (posterior reversible encephalopic syndrome)…complex migraine + high blood pressure + stress= all the crazy symptoms. She is on a few medications, but overall has improved so much.

Why am I telling this story on a blog that I had intended for health and fitness? Because it is EXACTLY the kind of wake-up call that nobody wants, but oftentimes people need to get their life in order. You HAVE to take care of yourself. Eat right, exercise, take any necessary medications and find ways to reduce your stress!!! These can be hard things to do but they are SO ESSENTIAL. When you don’t take care of yourself, it does NOT only affect you. It affects everyone around you that loves you and cares about you. As stressful and scary as this week was, I am thankful for this wake-up call to me and my family.

Thanks for letting me share this very personal story with you. I hope maybe it offers a little inspiration to my readers. Until next time, here’s to a healthier me and you!